How to Know When It’s Time to Regrout Your Commercial Tile

Most people spend a lot of time and energy building their dream office. But few think about what it takes to create the perfect healthy and clean environment in the long term. And it’s not hard to understand why. Keeping your office bright and shining for your clients isn’t a flash in the pan. Instead, it requires constant attention and care. This is why it’s key that you regrout commercial tile.

You could be anywhere else, but you are here, which means you are ready to take action. So what’s the first step? First, do a quick evaluation and see if it would be enough to just deep clean your tile and grout?

When Is the Right Time to Clean Your Commercial Tile And Grout?

Tile cleaning is a no-brainer. If you have just installed your tiles and grout or the stains are not that hard to wipe away, a thorough cleaning will do the tiles and grout justice. To protect your grout from future stains, apply a sealer. 

Regular cleaning of tile and grout will reduce your costs and the risk of having to replace tiles sooner than expected. As with any other job, it is much better to leave this task to an experienced team and hire professionals to do the cleaning, especially if the stains are difficult to remove.

If you find that cleaning is not doing the trick, it may be time to call in a team to regrout your tile, but when exactly is a question office teams often struggle with. 

When is it the Right Time to Regrout Your Commercial Tile?

Typically, grout lasts for several years with good maintenance. However, look for signs of problems after a period of time, especially if you work in an office where many employees and customers come in and out.

Regrout Commercial Tile When You See Discoloring & Deep Stains

Regrouting is the best option when tiles and grout begin to show signs of discoloration or the stains are so deep that they cannot be removed. As grout ages, it naturally deviates from its original color. If the white grout turns yellow or is covered with stains, you must regrout very soon.

Regrout Commercial Tile When Your Grout Seal Has Been Damaged

The use of grout serves several purposes, like protecting against moisture and providing a barrier. However, this can only be achieved at an excellent level with a suitable sealer. For example, if you seal the grout at least once, you can maintain the protective barrier, and cleaning becomes more manageable.

Sealant isn’t a permanent solution and will weaken over time. That’s why you need a new coat periodically. So think, When was the last time your grout was sealed? Grout sealing should be the second step after a good cleaning if you’ve just moved into a new office. If the sealant is already severely damaged, regrouting and a new sealing application may be a better choice.

It’s Time When You See A Damaged Grout Surface

One of the benefits of sealed grout is that it’s easy to clean, as dust and dirt don’t stick as easily to the surface. Keeping tiled floors and walls fresh and shiny means you won’t have to deal with stubborn stains.

On the other hand, a damaged and unsealed grout line is prone to stains, mold, and mildew. You may have to put in extra effort and still not make any noticeable progress. Seeing these things and not being able to remedy them is damage; this is a sign that it’s time to replace the grout.

It’s Time When You See Cracking & Crumbling Grout

Durability is one of the critical characteristics of tiles. If you take good care of them, you won’t require any replacement for decades. But you shouldn’t expect the same from grout. Grout material is much more susceptible to damage and corrosion. Unprofessional installation, improper handling, and inappropriate cleaning products can worsen the situation. 

As soon as you notice that the joints are cracking or crumbling, you need to take immediate action; this time, sealing will not be enough to save them. Instead, you need to look for tile regrouting service providers in your area and reach out to them to fix the problem.

Bottom Line

Regrouting rejuvenates the look of your office space. Plus, it is an affordable, viable option to bring life back to your tiled walls and floors. So don’t hesitate a second longer, and reach out to us for world-class regrouting service.

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