A library, cleaned by a commercial cleaning company.


With a long history of providing outstanding value and service for government entities on a local, state, and national level, Legacy Maintenance Services has intimate understanding of budget cycles and specific government requirements. We take a holistic approach to assessing your facility and tailoring a program fit to your organization’s cleaning needs, schedule and budget.

• We understand the importance of attaining green status, and work closely with clients to add LEED Certified Green Chemistry to their environmental resume.

• We support a State Term Schedule [STS] in the form of a Master Maintenance Agreement [MMA] that is made available to all government entities, from K-12 and higher education to government run facilities.

In addition, to meet the security requirements for all of our customers, we require all employees to pass local and national background checks.


Legacy’s hard surface floor cleaning technologies eliminate the need for routine “stripping and waxing” surfaces, reducing operational costs and keeping within budgetary constraints.

Legacy Maintenance Services will provide a comprehensive floor care program that will keep your flooring looking great for years to come. Give us a call at 800-683-2698 or fill out a short contact form to schedule your free consultation today.

Government office with a cleaning contract.

They did a fantastic job getting the stains out from the water leak. I appreciate their attention to detail and the extra effort involved in this job.