Legacy Maintenance Services understands the detailed requirements necessary to properly clean healthcare facilities. Our holistic approach to assessment is unsurpassed in the industry. We take a detailed look at multiple facets of your building, from flooring types to operational budgets to infection control and facility disruption, all to develop a maintenance program that fits your space and provides the most benefit for your company.


From ultra-clean to ultra-green and everything in between, Legacy employs the use of specifically tailored, specialty products and procedures that address the vast amount of surfaces in your healthcare facility. For example, Vital Oxide, an EPA approved hospital disinfectant, can be implemented on multiple flooring types including hard surfaces (Vinyl, VCT, Ceramic) and soft (Carpets and Upholstery). It is effective against defined “super bug” viruses such as MRSA and H1N1.

Fast Foamer™, Legacy Maintenance Services’ carpet cleaning system, is ideal for use in healthcare facilities. Its superior cleaning, encapsulation, and soil resistance properties capture and surround soils to not only block further staining from occurring but also decrease the surface energy of the carpet, allowing routine vacuuming to become more efficient. These attributes, combined with a quick drying time of 20-30 minutes, make it possible for all areas cleaned to resume business at a fraction of the time it would take with traditional wet extraction methods..


Healthcare doesn’t take a break, so we don’t either. Legacy understands that continual, ongoing cleaning and waxing of hard surface areas can be disruptive to you, your patients, and your staff.  Therefore, we offer a wide variety of specialty floor finishes that not only reduce the amount of disturbance your facility will experience but also can cut your flooring care operating budgets by up to 70%.  If you choose to wax your floors, Legacy offers specific chemical treatments that contain anti-microbial disinfectants already associated within the wax finish, further complimenting industry specific infection control programs.

When you are in the market for cleaner, healthier floors, look no further than Legacy Maintenance Services. We will provide a comprehensive floor care program that will keep your flooring looking great for years to come. Give us a call at 800-683-2698 or fill out a short contact form to schedule your free consultation today.

"They were neat, precise and VERY detailed oriented. They went above and beyond with everything they did on this job, Great job!!!"