Legacy Maintenance Services prides itself on creating a cleaner, healthier, and more cost effective environment for both students and staff. With unrivaled attention to detail, we help you create a welcoming environment for everyone that enters your facility.


We support a State Term Schedule [STS] in the form of a Master Maintenance Agreement [MMA] that is made available to all government entities. At Legacy we not only differentiate ourselves through the continued development of a comprehensive flooring assessment, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are the best choice for providing superior quality cleaning services for your educational or institutional facility. Period.


We employ a vast array of chemicals and procedures, each individually suited to handle anything thrown at us:

  • Vital Oxide, an EPA approved hospital disinfectant is used on all surfaces, is unlike any other disinfectant in the industry. Eco-friendly in both production and application, VO can be used in and around student and staff work stations, even including food preparation and service areas, proving very effective against most common viruses found in institutional settings.
  • Fast Foamer™, Legacy Maintenance Services’ carpet cleaning system, is a model technology for use in both interim and restorative cleaning procedures, keeping your carpet healthy and looking cleaner, longer.
  • Our restorative cleaning systems are second to none at delivering a onetime deep cleaning that adds life to your carpets and can restore appearance levels.


Whether you need a one-time emergency cleaning, continued maintenance, or an annual cleaning process, Legacy Maintenance Services will tailor a program specific to your facilities’ needs – and budget. Not only that, our specialty floor coatings virtually eliminate the need for annual summer stripping and waxing, reducing your overall floor maintenance expense.
When you are looking for dependable, long tenured and well trained service technicians to provide unmatched service during evening hours, weekends, or holidays, look no further than Legacy Maintenance Services. Give us a call today at 800-683-2698 to schedule a free flooring assessment for your facility!

The Lead custodian was impressed with our team and the work that they did. Very impressive and a very professional group to work with.