The Fast Foamer being used in a high-end office building.

Environmentally Focused

Through reverse engineering, the Fast Foamer™ system eliminates indoor and outdoor environmental issues and concerns like no other commercial carpet cleaning system or method.

A green cleaning system with:

  • Low power usage/carbon footprint
  • Low water consumption
  • Biodegradable cleaning ingredients
  • Relief for landfills through carpet longevity
  • No waste water production

Eco-Responsible & Earth Friendly

  • 90% REDUCTION in water usage
  • 100% DECREASE in water pollution

Designed for Use in Occupied Spaces

A non-toxic, less disruptive solution for cleaner carpet.

  • Foam formulated to minimize risk of breathing issues and chemical sensitivities
  • Faster drying time reduces chance of slips or falls
  • Low decibels and quiet operation
  • Meets criteria for LEED certified buildings

Approval Throughout the Industry

  • Seal of Approval by the Carpet & Rug Institute
  • Approved for restorative and intermediate cleaning by carpet mills
  • Third-party, independent lab tested and reviewed

Unmatched Cleaning Ability

Combining innovative, low moisture encapsulation technology with the power of High Energy Foam, the Fast Foamer™ system achieves better cleaning results than hot water extraction.

  • 2x the Cleaning Power of Comparable Systems
  • Anti-microbial chemistry controls odors from bacteria and molds.

When compared to hot water extraction, the Fast Foamer™:

  • Improves appearance
  • Dries faster
  • No wicking
  • Stays cleaner longer