Terrazzo Restoration

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A well-known High School in Cincinnati sought to restore the allure of its century-old Terrazzo flooring. After a thorough assessment, we discovered that the floors had accumulated a buildup of wax and grime over the years, requiring a comprehensive restoration process to achieve the desired outcome. Let’s explore our terrazzo restoration process!

what is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a type of flooring and surfacing material that has been used for centuries. It consists of chips of different materials including marble, granite, quartz, or glass, which are embedded in cement or concrete. The surface is ground and polished to create a smooth and durable finish, which is perfect for flooring.


After conducting a thorough examination of the floors with the help of our trusted vendors, we were able to determine the best method to strip off any existing products. Once stripped, a small demo area revealed the extent of the restoration required. To bring the Terrazzo floors back to life, we employed a combination of diamond-honing techniques using various pads and passes.

To complete the project, we applied a high-quality stone sealer and then polished the surface to a high-gloss finish with multiple passes and applications.


The outcome of our terrazzo restoration project was a success as we successfully rejuvenated the floors to their original aesthetic appeal and luster. The customer expressed their delight and was eager to showcase their beautifully restored terrazzo floors.

Three examples of Legacy Maintenance's Terrazzo Restoration.