Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing
• High-Alkaline / Organic Acid cleaning
• Truck-mount cleaning
• Enzyme cleaning (under urinals)
• Acrylic solvent-based grout sealers

Commercial Tile and Grout Colorant, Coating, & Restoration
• Grout colorant
• Thin-film urethane and high-solids urethane coatings
• Regrouting

Tile and Grout

Routine Maintenance Cleaning

Conventional: Mopping with a neutral agent

Legacy’s Deep Scrub Technology: After an assessment is made to determine the flooring status, a routine deep scrub may be all that is needed to remove any and all surface soils or stains if a sealer is present. This is obtained through the use of our dual bristle brush applicator and a neutral cleaner so as not to disrupt any sealer already laid down, thus achieving desired effects.

Restorative Cleaning Procedures

Conventional: Mop and seal

Legacy’s Deep Scrub, Clean and Seal Technology: As with natural stone, a deep scrub with a dual bristle brush applicator, along with the application of superior chemistry, will achieve the profound, thorough clean necessary for routine maintenance of ceramic tile flooring. This process not only agitates soils and stains on the surface, but down in the grout lines as well, which in turn ensures an overall clean of the floor in preparation for sealing. Finally, once initial maintenance is preformed, Legacy has a multitude of sealing choices, from penetrating to acrylic and much more to achieve a refined look with greater protection


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Legacy Maintenance Services restored our Terrazzo floors to a high shine using their diamond disc system. I would recommend this process to anyone!”

– Gil Fallert, Mount Carmel Health