Concrete Floor Grinding

Eliminate Concrete Hazards

Diamond tools are an ideal way to eliminate concrete hazards by smoothing out bumps and trip-hazards in concrete floors. Adjacent floor slabs with slightly different elevations are common problems, but grinding concrete with diamonds is the most effective and least expensive way to solve these problems.

A contractor grinding a concrete floor.

Concrete Grinding is Used to Fix:

  • Joints that are uneven – a possible tripping hazard
  • Deteriorating surfaces and spalled areas
  • Old floor coatings that need to be removed – paints, adhesives, and mastics
  • Uneven floors that make tile or other flooring difficult or impossible to install
  • Poorly installed concrete
  • Rough surfaces that need to be smooth enough for bare feet
Concrete grinding, honing, and polishing title image.

In place of needing an expensive and intrusive complete slab replacement, we work closely with contractors to level floors and make the proper subfloor. This process does require multiple passes and multiple customer inspection points, but it is far less expensive and less intrusive than complete slab replacement.

The tools we use are fume-free and dry – suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications. We utilize an industrial mobile vacuum system, which leaves you with a clean, dry surface. We remove the dry waste from your property and properly disposed of it. There are multiple options for the final surface finish.

A floor after concrete grinding services were performed.

Beneficial outcomes:

  • No chemicals used in the process
  • Better traction
  • Greater production time than shot blasting and scarifying
  • Surfaces are renewed and ready to receive new coatings or floorings
  • Elimination of trip & fall hazards
  • Flooring installation prep time reduction
  • Cleaned surfaces

Before and after of a concrete grinding project.